A Walking Cocktail Tour of New Orleans

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There are many great things about New Orleans but my favorite trait is the rich cocktail history. A few weekends ago I took a short weekend trip to celebrate my brothers 21's birthday with the family. It was my first time to the city so I of course did some extensive research on what this city was all about. To sum it up quickly this city likes to drink! Now that's my kind of city! So today I am giving you a New Orleans cocktail bucket list. Where to go and what to order when you get there!

I took my family on this tour and my dad and I had a blast enjoying all of the different cocktails while my brother and his friends drank bud lights (ohhh to be 21) and my mom enjoyed a coffee or cocktail when it felt right. We did not go in this order because we didn't have this handy map BUT looking at all of the locations this is definitely how I would walk around the city if I did it a second time, and I probably will.


6. Ramos Gin Fizz at Broussard's

The Ramos Gin Fizz is a delicious drink but I could definitely only stomach one. Granted, I enjoyed this cocktail after I had tried the brandy milk punch which was a little heavier of a cocktail due to the milk. Now, the ramos gin fizz has an egg white in it so that could add to it as well. However I very much enjoyed this cocktail. Personally, I thought it tasted a lot like sorbet which must be due to the lemon and lime juice that are added to it. My mom thought it tasted similar to the brandy milk punch but I was insistent that she was losing it!


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