Zagat ranks New Orleans' hottest restaurants

By Todd Price, | Times-Picayune

Zagat unleashed its critical acumen on New Orleans and came up with a list of our city's 10 hottest restaurants. The dining destinations of the moment include Pêche Seafood Grill,McClure's BBQ, MoPho and Marti's.

Like any list, this one is open to debate and inevitably a tad arbitrary. Why are Ivy and District Donuts.Slider.Brew excluded? Had it been published two weeks from now, Square Root, Pizza Domenica and maybe Milkfish would likely have earned the status of "hotness."

The 10 chosen by writer Paul Oswell cover a range of prices, styles and neighborhoods. All but two, the renovated Broussard's and the relocated La Boca, are brand new. And if I had to pick the 10 trendiest restaurants in New Orleans, I doubt my list would be all that different.

What does Zagat's hottest list say about New Orleans? There are certainly trends: Asian-inspired restaurants (MoPho, Noodle & Pie), carnivorous destinations both low and high (McClure's BBQ, Doris Metropolitan) and establishments that split the difference between bars and restaurants (Oxalis, Cane & Table).

More than anything, though, Zagat's list serves as a reminder that dining in New Orleans has never been more diverse.

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